Saturday, October 17, 2020

The missing part of Dobson’s story

This is in response to an electioneering video published by James Dobson, Christian evangelical conservative:

Lincoln’s Republican Party was significantly different from today’s Republican Party. Lincoln led to free the unpaid black laborers. Today’s party opposes organized labor and fair wages, which cuts into profits and makes more people into wage slaves. In the last 43 years, the formerly balanced portions of income garnered by each class has shifted so that the middle class is disappearing, and we have megalomaniac billionaires in a race to see who will be the first trillionaire.

During the American Civil War, Lincoln’s party passed major progressive legislation in Congress to promote modernization, including the first income tax, many excise taxes, a huge national debt, free homesteads to farmers, and aid to education and agriculture.

In 1896, under McKinley, the GOP guaranteed a sort of pluralism arguing that prosperity would be shared by all ethnic and religious groups, clearly a Democratic position today.

In 1907, Teddy Roosevelt proclaimed, “But during the last few years it has been the wealthy corruptionists of enormous fortune, and of enormous influence through their agents of the press, pulpit, colleges and public life, with whom I've had to wage bitter war." Today, Republicans are the party of the wealthy. 

Lincoln’s Republican Party that Dobson refers to, was progressive.

Now, Dobson’s party is one that threatens armed revolution, the overthrow of American freedoms in support of an extreme right agenda that will continue to oppress the poor, and make the average American dependent on corporations and government.

Dobson wants us to vote (in the order he listed them) …

For the second half of the 2nd Amendment, which gives gun rights ... without the first half of the Amendment which conditions gun rights on being “well regulated.”

Wants not just a 6-3 extreme right-wing court, but even the next supreme court justice.

To maintain a college of elite electors ... to change a 3-million-vote majority into a loss for the people and a win for the rich minority.

A republic ... with democracy in chains or even free of democracy.

Police enforcing law and order .. instead of peace officers and social workers operating community outreach programs that prevent most crime and ensure everyone gets a fair chance at prosperity.

To grow what is already the most powerful military on Earth and the military-industrial complex that provides 75% of the weapons to the world. Jesus teaches this, you know.

The right to speak his opinion ... which is handed to him by misinformation agents of the Koch political organization and its minions.

To secure the borders ... against hungry people seeking a chance at a normal life.

The right to praise God without fear ... and to write laws that enforce Dobson's version of God’s will on others.

To prevent all abortions by law ... even those that would save a mother’s life, even though the Republican Party controlled both houses of Congress and the Presidency twice in the last 20 years.

For freedom ... to not wear a mask, spread disease and disrespect the vulnerable,

and the American Dream ... the liberty to lie, cheat and steal in a cut-throat competition to accumulate more dollars than the next guy at the expense of anyone who gets in the way.

For good and against evil ... good being whatever benefits the rich and powerful, and evil being people who cry out for a fair chance and a decent life.

For the future of the country ... restoring it to what it was 150 years ago.

For candidates who will exercise sound judgment ... like Trump who dismisses the advice of Department of State, FBI, CIA, CDC, his military leaders, Dept. of Health and Human Services, and uses his Justice Department as a personal legal team, 

     in favor of embracing dictators around the world, interference with our elections, misleading Americans about the pandemic and proper precautions, and pardons convicted felons who are his friends. A candidate who will deny aid to a state on fire, and use funds from a federal health insurance program to distribute cards with his name on them during an election campaign. Someone who got caught illegally withholding Congressionally authorized military aid to a country at war in the hope of manufacturing a scandal against his political opponent.

Support Israel ... especially by keeping Palestinians locked in hopeless poverty.

Protect children from leftist curricula ... instead of our religious indoctrination programs, which religious oppression the Pilgrims fled. 

For the nation’s fiscal integrity ... including the $3.1 Trillion deficit this year alone, which could have been avoided if people were paid a fair wage and could actually save some money.

For parental rights ... to continue the pandemic of child neglect and trauma that results in virtually all depression, anxiety, drug abuse, and crime.

For the right to fund our private schools with money meant for public schools.

For freedom (from poor, oppressed people) in the suburbs.

To vote for Christian organizations.

For racial unity ... without equal rights and without admitting – much less resolving – systemic racism.

In support of In God We Trust ... because God can’t deal with these issues by himself.

For school prayer ... so everyone can learn our religion and minority religions will feel minimized.

For freedom of conscious for physicians ... like they can’t already refuse to do abortions, and haven’t been forced to deny the abortion of a dead fetus in Texas.

For marriage ... loveless relationships that are harmful to the children, and against any other actually loving relationship beside the one we ordain.

For life in all its dimensions ... except those of which we morally disapprove or evils we choose to ignore.

For wisdom in handling the pandemic ... because God knows we haven't seen that yet.

For protection for the church and oppressive politicians, because … wait: for protection of oppressive politicians? Wait, wait … government protection of the church? Well, we knew he wasn’t thinking things through completely.

Against euthanasia and physician assisted suicide ... because everybody deserves to suffer hideously, screaming in pain for three days until they final pass.

And against socialism ... because the government really is trying to take over ownership of the means of production and distribution of goods. And like social responsibility is a problem that the church and government don’t already address with major resources. Like the government never supported railroads, electrical wiring, interstate highways, and the Internet. Like insurance isn’t about sharing the financial risk of illness, death and property loss.   

This election is about you. It’s about our kids and grandkids.

This election is about our Constitution and the immutable God-given rights that it protects ... like protection for our churches and our guns.

It is about truth, values, greatness and hope.

Choosing a president based on frivolous personality characteristics is so unfortunate ... because we certainly prefer a president who has a personality disorder.  

Pray that God will spare this nation from tyranny and oppression of religious liberty … so we can dictate that everybody else live according to our religion.  

Vote for the candidates who will best uphold your values and convictions … as they’ve been taught to you.






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