Monday, October 5, 2020

Answer to Trump-supporter: "Why do you want Joe Biden as your President?"

Jill and Joe Biden
By TonyTheTiger at English Wikipedia
A friend on Facebook (who happens to be a staunch Trump supporter) asked me ‘why I want Joe Biden as my president?’

It’s actually a good, reasonable question that deserves a reasonable, honest answer.

Admittedly, as a long-time former Republican, my support for Joe Biden is equally about my disdain for Trump as it is about any affection for Joe Biden.

There really is no way to compare the two men. Biden has demonstrated good, decent, honorable and ethical behavior for more than four decades. He’s squeaky clean; so squeaky clean that Trump had to send his man to the Ukraine to try to create some dirt to throw at him. Trump was caught seeking the aid of a foreign nation to influence our American election, just as some of his campaign staff were; and Trump was impeached.  

Biden’s politics and ideology are moderate, which I like. He will work to unite us, rather than to divide us. Biden will restore a level of dignity and rational behavior to the office of the president. He will foster unity once again in our nation, and civil relationships and healthy economic exchanges with other nations in the world. We will all prosper from Biden’s leadership.

But Joe Biden and I are not ‘perfectly aligned’ ideologically. He thinks our government and our economy are working fine; but I see clearly that our government is undermined by a radical-right, minority, rich movement. Biden is a participant in this government and is not likely to change it much. My support for Biden is not about ideology or partisanship, and especially not about emotionally charged issues like guns or abortion.

This election is about the very character and soul of our nation. It is about placing ‘love of country’ above ideology. It’s about saving our democracy, which has been severely undermined and disrupted. It’s about re-evaluating how successful we are being in providing for “the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States.” It’s about whether we accept those in the office of President, Senator or Representative as nobility or entitled. Indeed, I see clearly that our democracy, government, and those who hold office are all corrupted.

Joe Biden is basically honest and will not insult us with a daily barrage of easily disproved lies, as Trump has done.

Joe Biden never has and never will tell us the 'free press' is the ‘enemy of the people,’ as Trump has done.

Joe Biden never has and never tell us we should trust Vladimir Putin more than we trust our own CIA, FBI, NSA or Department of Justice, as Trump has done.

Joe Biden never has and never cage families – separating children from parents, nor will he ever demonize immigrants with lies and hate-filled rhetoric.

Joe Biden never has and never will tell us that NATO, which has successfully maintained peace in Europe for the past 75 years, is obsolete.

Joe Biden never has and never will insult our closest allies (Germany, France, Canada) while flattering and fawning over dictators Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un.

Joe Biden will not start unnecessary trade wars with our major trading partners, but will work to end them, bringing prosperity to all of us.

Joe Biden never has and never will deploy federal troops against our own citizens, against the expressed wishes of the duly elected governors and mayors.

Joe Biden never has and never will 'tear gas' protesters to clear a path for a blasphemous photo op holding a Bible upside down against the backdrop of a church, the actual bishop of which expressed outrage at Trump’s actions. Joe Biden is a devout Catholic, and he won’t ever use Christianity as a prop under any circumstance.

And this is important ... respected (former) Republican leaders, men who I trust and respect, such as Gen. John Kelly, Gen. Colin Powell, Gen. James Mattis, Adm. William McRaven, Adm. Michael Mullin and Rex Tillerson will never feel compelled to warn me that Joe Biden is a threat to my nation, my constitution and our democracy, as they have done about Trump.

And finally, white supremacists, such as David Duke, will never endorse Joe Biden and tell us that voting against Joe Biden is betraying our white heritage. If any of these White Supremacists did endorse him, Joe Biden would immediately denounce their endorsement and their racist beliefs.

Joe Biden will never say, 'I take no responsibility at all.’ That is simply not in his nature.

I think you get the point. Joe Biden is my president because he is the ‘not Donald Trump’. I want Joe Biden because in many ways he is the antithesis of Donald Trump.

I want Joe Biden for my president because I love this country; because I believe in America, its citizens and the world. It is not ‘us vs them,’ as Trump keeps asserting in words and actions.

I could talk about the COVID response as well, but you already know that Trump is lying about his incomplete response, which was 1½ months after the first case.

I sincerely hope everyone will take the time to consider what kind of character we want for our leader, for America and for the world. And let’s really ‘make America great again.’


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