Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Winning at life

It just occurred to me that we attempt to be one with God, as we conceive him. That is a relationship with our own imagination. There is no tension, no power and no life in our relationship with our own imagination.

Instead, I am in a perpetual argument with you, but it is not a competition, which we normally conceive it to be. In a competition we expect to find a winner and the vanquished. But if there is a winner, the competition is over and there is no longer an argument, no struggle, no power, no life force in that.

But in our argument, we are at the opposites of some subject. For example, you take the position of the North Pole and I take the position of the South Pole, and we're damned if the two shall ever meet.

But it is between the magnetic poles where the the power flows. Life happens in the struggle of opposites, not in the winning and not in the unification of the opposites. So the defeat of either pole is the end of life; and there is no winner in that.

All the fun is in the struggle, knowing that it empowers both of us. It is in the struggle that we grow and expand and express who we are. We don't destroy our opposite, we play with them.  To destroy our opposite is the end of everything, it's suicidal, and therefore, it is insane.