Saturday, October 12, 2019

What are akashic records and can they be trusted?

A friend asked me about akashic records, how to access them, and how can one trust it to be true, and not some imagination or falsehood?

It's interesting that akashic records is a concept that is referred to around the world by different names. The truth is the truth no matter who says it or when. We can trust it to be a fundamental truth when it shows up in different cultures in different times of history.

You have probably seen me write before that the universe is energy. Waves in energy form patterns. The patterns contain information (knowledge). The more sophisticated the patterns, the more sophisticated the knowledge that is contained.

“Everything jiggles,” according to theoretical physicist Richard Feynman. He was saying that everything vibrates – a truth in physics. Because everything vibrates, everything puts out waves into the universal energy field. So, everything is broadcasting information into the field. Of course, we know that the waves continue to move out from their source, losing strength as the expand.

However, the source continues to repeat its same vibrations, and those vibrations resonate – are echoed in – other things in the source’s surroundings. So, certain vibrations expand and hold their strength for much longer. They share a common vibration and common information about their existence, their reality.

So, this information is all around us and in us. It’s what some refer to as the akashic record. Because we are in this energetic vibrational field, we are constantly communicating with it. We wonder about something, and in so doing, we set up a vibration with our thoughts. Similar vibrations in the field resonate, and we unconsciously focus our attention on them. When we pay attention and are open to receive those answering vibrations, we learn the information contained in the field.

The problem is that this happens on a subtle level, so our minds must interpret the information. We are driven to put the information in a form that we can understand and accept. In the process, our mind may invent stories. The story itself may be a fiction, but the underlying truth is still true. If we understand that we live in this fictional story that our mind makes up, then we can also become aware of our biases and filter them out to discover the underlying truth.  

So, when we access the field, we may already have a frame of reference – a story – that allows understanding of the truth. However, we may not even understand the knowledge that is made available to us. There is lots of opportunity for misunderstanding, whether we are stuffing the information into our current frame of reference or inventing and entirely new one.

To make matters worse, the information is constantly fluctuating and flowing. You can never dip your toe into the same river twice. In fact, when you dip your toe into the river, the river changes before you can get your toe back out.

Everything is uncertain. There is no certainty. We create our own certainty, and that certainty is only what helps us to fix things in order for awhile so we can more effectively function in the world.

From birth, recent generations have been steeped in the religion of science. We think that there is truth out there; and if science can measure it and repeat it, it must be true. But you have to understand that, scientific method has only been around for 350 years. And with the dawn of quantum theory, we now understand that everything is always changing. It’s worse than that: the observer influences (changes) what is observed.  

The akashic record exists, but it contains information about everything in all times. It’s a vast and variable imprint in the universal energy matrix. The information you access from it is more likely to resonate with what you already are and what you expect.

That may sound scary and uncertain, or you can realize that you are the source of the vibration that attracts the answering vibration. If you are source, then expect heaven. Intend heaven. Act as a builder of heaven. Ignore here and now reality, because it is just temporary, its vibration only makes more of the same trials and tribulations; and it is not what you want anyway. Instead, set up in yourself the vibration of happiness, prosperity and expansion; and that is how the akashic record will respond to you. The better and longer you hold that vibration, the more your happiness will be attracted to you.  

Within our physical reality, knowledge leads to understanding, and experience leads to realization. So, be a life-long student: Learn everything you can. Also, be a life-long adventurer and collect experiences: Be more so that you can do more, so that you can have more life in your living.

In quantum reality, we are waves on an ocean, there one moment, gone back into the expanse in the next moment. Surf the wave that you are.

Now, while I’ve answered your question, this is a very short, condensed answer. It’s meaning is already changed by my mind, by the words, and by your mind. And that’s okay. You can ask as many questions as you like, and I – or the akashic record – will provide an answer.

Just be who you are in this moment, because in another moment, you will be someone else. Everything is always changing. So, be the life that you love, and enjoy the forming of it. You may never arrive at the end. It’s not about the certainty of the end result, but about you, your vibration and the act creating. It's not about understanding, but realizing. Don’t worry. Be happy. Enjoy the ride!
- Christopher