Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Are you inadvertently multiplying crazy violence?

IT'S TIME FOR A RANT: People are advocating spanking on Facebook. This is wrong, and it's stunning that so many believe it's okay. 

The really huge mistake is the one everybody accepts: "The only thing hurt is their feelings." When you damage feelings, you cause mental illness. It damages human beings for life. That’s a long time. It would take a book to explain how wrong this is and why.

When you spank a child you teach them that we are allowed to violate bodies. Think about that. Women, do you like to have your bodies violated? Of course not.

Spanking is good indicator of bad parenting. If you are paying attention to your children - teaching and training them as they grow – you will never have to spank them. The objective of parenting is to form responsible, productive adults. If a child is being spanked, they are being trained to take shortcuts in life, and to take action only when angry. They learn that corporal punishment is okay – even in its extreme version: war. And it’s imprinted on the body.

There are better ways to get the child’s attention, such as, gently taking their head in your hands and looking directly into their eyes with a smile on your face until they settle down and listen. Training takes repetition and persistence, and setting the example. (When you spank your kids, you’re showing them how to spank theirs.) Read Jane Nelson's Positive Discipline for humanity’s sake.

So, where do kids learn violence? We have normalized violence because of a thousand years of wars.

Also, everyone erroneously believes that you MAKE things happen by taking forceful action. You think if you apply pressure to something, it goes away. But how do you react when somebody tries to pressure you? This belief creates your war on drugs, war on crime, war against terrorism. How are those wars going?

What you believe is what you get. Think about that car you'd love to have, and you see it everywhere. The same with violence. On the flip side, think about what a lovely day it is an you see the flowers, hear birds tweeting, and admire the sunset.

Now let me go over your head: A belief is an emotional energy vibration in the form of a structured thought. If you believe a bad thing, it attracts more things with the same vibrational structure (more bad stuff). But if you believe good things, it still attracts more things with the same vibrational structure, but in this case good stuff.

What are you attracting with your spanking? What are you attracting with a smile? Duh! OKAY, RANT OVER ... FOR NOW.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Why is finding passion in life so hard?

People get really distraught about how they can find passion, love, fulfillment, or happiness in their life. From an early age we are taught to listen to your elders, teachers, pastor, and authority figures. We are trained to listen to others.

However, as long as you keep listening to what everybody else thinks you should be doing, you’re going to have a lot of conflicting and disagreeable ideas bouncing around in your head: Confusion.

To overcome the confusion, here’s what you can do.

Step 1: Ignore everybody. Listen politely, but ignore them. Listen to others’ ideas, but make a clear distinction: Those are THEIR ideas, not yours. Everybody wants to give you advise, but always remember, YOU CHOOSE what is good for you. You can ignore their ideas (but not the person). Or you can say to yourself, “Hey, that’s a good idea. I think I’ll adopt that.” YOU CHOOSE.

Step 2: When the little voice inside you becomes louder than the confusion of voices outside you, you’ll have achieved wisdom. That’s not passion yet, but it is clarity about whose passion you’re trying to find.

Step 3: Pursue joy. Do what you love. Follow your passion. How do you know what you’re passionate about? Pay attention. Take notice (and notes) when you feel happy about something. Why? Notice when you feel joy and love. That’s your passion. Sort out what makes you feel great from all the other crap. Do what you love. NOTE: If it makes you feel anything other than joy and love, don’t do it! Say, “NO!!” Run away! This is called, “Making a good choice.”

You deserve joy and love, so pay attention to what you are doing when you feel them. Do more of that.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

How darkness opens up to enlightenment

“Everything becomes light 
when you find the darkness within you.” 
– Christopher

I have been fascinated upon learning that, all our struggles with uncomfortable and painful thoughts and feelings may be unnecessary. We don't even have to know the story or reason behind those old traumas.

Dr. Sue Morter suggests that, if we will locate energy blockages in our body and learn how to send energy through them, they are healed – both the spiritual injuries and their physical manifestations.

And guess what? My initial attempt to apply her understanding and some simple yogic exercises has been successful. Many of my old psychic traumas seem to have simply gotten lost!

We normally carry around our personal injuries or traumas, our own mistakes which we are ashamed to admit, and various other blockages in our subtle energy body (or soul). These bits of darkness create "holes" that cause the natural flow of spiritual energy to waver, or even to not flow at all: a void of spiritual energy or a darkness. 

We assign thought-labels to these energy holes, like "my dad didn't love me," "I was beaten as a child," or "I'm a worthless wage slave stuck in this job."

We cling to these life themes, viewing them as something that happened to us, something we had no control over. When we experience something bad outside of our control, we correctly blame something outside of ourself. We like to view ourself as a good person, so we correctly assign the cause as being elsewhere.

But then we get confused. The cause of the pain is outside of us, so we assign responsibility for relieving the pain to the cause. "My mom beat me as a child, so she should console me and make me feel better," even though she's no longer alive. We assign responsibility to the cause, and then we confuse things by assigning responsibility for the remedy to the cause. However, just because somebody or something is "to blame" does not make them likely to heal the injury. They likely don't even know you're carrying that old trauma around with you.

We have this automatic, subconscious response to these old mistakes and injuries. We try to heal them by reliving the same type of situation. We repeat the same mistake over and over, hoping for a different outcome. From our inner point of pain, we create these situations so that we can see the cause outside of ourself. We project blame onto other people so we can see our problem played out again without taking responsibility for creating a better outcome. That is an ineffective, even bad, attempt at healing. 

However, we can learn to recognize that the darkness we see outside ourself, is a projection of the darkness within. By recognizing the offense in others, we can try to understand the darkness within ourself. Recognizing our negative thoughts and feelings, we can understand our own traumas and mistakes, forgive those who have hurt us (including ourself), and energetically cleanse the dark spot in our soul (subtle energy body).

The result of the energetic cleansing is two-fold: First, the “hole” of darkness in our spirit is flushed away, which means that the flow of spiritual energy (life force) is restored. Energy flows where the darkness used to be. Since healing has occurred, there is no longer any need for a thought-label to explain the injury.

Second, anytime the old thought-label comes up – or if the behavior attempts to repeat – we recognize it and laugh in relief at the old things that used to have destructive power in our life. We know that the injury/darkness is gone. The old story no longer has a basis in reality; it is only an empty memory. 

So, when you recognize the darkness within you and cleanse it, the light begins to flow through you without obstructions. The result is that there is no internal darkness to be projected into the external world. Even the external world seems full of light. Our inner light is projected onto the world. Everything becomes light.

To learn the cleansing process, check out Dr. Sue Morter's book, The Energy Codes: The 7-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body, and Live Your Best Life  < www.amazon.com/gp/product/1501169300> 

Be not afraid. Blessings! – Christopher

Go ahead, feel good - Here's How!

Honest truth: People don't know how to feel good. They dwell on the latest news report, the latest troll on social media, or the latest juicy rumor about some scandal. No wonder they don't feel good. 

There are three things to practice if you want to feel good. 

Everybody knows that if you repeat a positive affirmation, it helps you feel good ... for awhile. Affirmations are thoughts in word form, so by repeating affirmations, you train your brain to think in the form of the words used.

However, the rest of your body doesn’t think in terms of words. So, while practicing the affirmation, I recommend you also practice the feeling you want to have. The most powerful feelings are love and gratitude. Love gets your attention off of yourself, and puts you into a mode of paying attention to the beauty around you. Gratitude is the creative feeling, because when you feel gratitude, you are expressing at a feeling level, “I want more of that.”

The combination of the thought and the feeling will train your whole body in feeling good at the same time.

Now, that is working from the inside out, but you can (and should) also practice working from the outside to the inside. That is, exercising helps you feel good. First, it gets the whole body moving and flowing smoothly. (Bodies were meant to be in action at least 50% of the time, not sitting around excessively.) Second, when you exercised and include bouts of vigorous exercise, it will activate endorphins - the body chemicals that make you feel good. (Also, get plenty of rest. Sleep is a good thing.)

So, practice affirmations all day, and practice noticing and feeling the beauty in the world. You can either add good thoughts and feelings to your regular exercise, or when you’re practicing good thoughts and feelings, then you can move your body: smile, do an arm pump, take a little hop and say, “Oh, yeah!”

Go ahead. Feel good. And don’t let anybody stop you. - Christopher

Monday, April 22, 2019

Have a huge dream

What significant impact on the world motivates you?
I want to spread understanding of Reality Spirituality:
Scientifically, we are energy beings in a universal energy field becoming aware of our ability to create worlds.
Spiritually, we are spiritual beings learning to accept God expressing heaven through us.
What's your world changer? 
- Christopher 

Friday, April 19, 2019

All In All

I took a tiny jar, filled it with the ocean, and
   dropped it in the shallow waters near the shore.

As time passed, sand and dust and debris got into the jar.

To keep the pollution from getting into my jar,
   I screwed a lid on top.

And there I sat,
   a small container of ocean water,
   setting in the shallows of a great ocean,
   sealed off from my huge, ebbing source.

How to get this damn lid back off?

How to rinse the foggy waters away?

– Christopher

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Opening hearts: Mine and yours

“If you want to be of greatest value to others, see them as you know they want to be.”
– Abraham Hicks

The seasons change from multi-colored to green-and-blue to golden to grey-and-white. The weather changes from the cool, still fog in the morning, but sun beams break through the warm, breezy clouds of the afternoon. The daffodil bows in the pre-dawn chill, but rises up to catch the warm rain drops.

The orange and brown leaves drop to expose the scary, gray skeleton of the pear tree. We do not insist it remain stark. We may prune it, but we do not cut it down. We look at it with hope and expect buds and blooms and fruit.

Yet, with people, we fix in our minds the traits of a passing state, as though they forever are what they are. We put them in cages and train them with scorn. When they emerge, they carry their cages with them, their hearts scarred with shame and embarrassment, and guarded by rage. And we, we see to it that they have escaped nothing.  

I propose we transform the jail doors into the gates of heaven, make music to sooth their wounded souls, and bring them to the dance. – Christopher, April 6, 2019  

Thursday, April 4, 2019

I see you as I am

When you meditate, deep introspection is inevitable. In your core self, you will find the beginnings of everything that is manifesting in your life.

I’ve been practicing a type of anchoring meditation recently. The idea is to embody more spiritual energy in my core through certain breathing exercises. 

One of the exercises allows energy to drop down through my body. It flows through parts of my body where I hold psychic injuries – where energy doesn’t currently flow, and washes away any “spiritual debris.” As a result, I had an interesting experience: I found I was stubbornly holding old shame and embarrassment in my heart area.

When I had insulted, retaliated or hurt someone through my thoughts and actions, I naturally felt bad about it. But I wanted to be right. Or, more correctly, I didn’t want to be wrong. So, I stubbornly held on to the “rightness” of my bad behavior. 

I was protecting myself from my own weakness by justifying my bad behavior. I told myself in my heart, “They deserved it,” or “They needed to know that, so they’ll be better for it.” At the same time, I was embarrassed and ashamed of my behavior. I was clinging to the embarrassment and shame in my heart, while justifying the belief that it was alright.

As I continue this meditation and the accompanying cleansing of my heart, I realize that this shame is not the real me. It is not who I really am at core. It is a misunderstanding I have of myself. So, I am recognizing my errors and admitting to myself that I am not perfect.

Importantly, I am realizing that these clingy blotches on my heart are reflected in the life I have attracted. I have told myself stories about how bad things are “out there,” when it is actually in my own heart. By allowing pure energy to cleanse my heart, what I see in the world is changing, becoming more pure, honest and gentle. And I more easily recognize the heart blotches that must be driving others’ beliefs and behaviors.

By accepting myself as I am, I am becoming a person who is more compassionate; and through that filter of who I am, I am discovering a more compassionate world. 

– Christopher, April 4, 2019

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

The power of your eyes

Although my eyes were on the deep blue sky this morning, I didn't see it. I was looking at something in my head. And I wondered, who's in charge of my thoughts? Where do these things come from?

I knew the answer immediately. The brain is a thought generation machine. The brain has been trained across millennia to be vigilant to potential threats in our surroundings. It responds by generating options: Should I fight, flee or freeze?

Of course, we are no longer limited to just the real threats in our immediate environment. We have memory and imagination. We can recall some past danger, or we can imagine some danger in our future. Neither the memory nor the imaginings are real. Neither are present. They're just mental constructs. The brain is just doing it's job by generating a flow of thoughts.

There's a higher function that allows us to watch our thoughts and to choose which one to focus on. When we fail to focus, we become victims of our own brain machinations. Every new thought that flutters up causes a new concern.

Fortunately, we have control over our thoughts. Try this: Recall a time when someone was upsetting you. Now, notice how that thought feels in your body. Perhaps your jaw clenched, or you felt a tightness in your shoulders or gut. Now, think about someone you love and how it feels when that person hugs you. How does that thought feel in your body? Does your face relax into a slight smile, or maybe you get that warm feeling in your heart? You just changed your thoughts (and feelings) to stressful and then to relaxing. You have control over your thoughts.

All of this happens in your brain, your heart, and in the rest of your body. It's all connected. But it did not happen externally from your physical self. These are illusions we create for ourself. Our fears are something we create inside ourself, whether it's in response to a real situation or a mental construct. Likewise - though less often recognized - our joys are something we create inside ourself, whether it's a response to an internal or external situation. We choose where we put our attention.

We always get to choose, but we often are unaware that we have this power. We don't often or consciously practice choosing our thoughts, but we can. Choosing how we think and feel is a marvelous power we all have. And it's life-changing!

Even more fabulous is the fact that, what you focus on appears in your life. Who you are becomes reflected in your life. The person you choose to be attracts the things, people and events that appear in your life. They appear almost like magic!

So, which illusion do you want to live by? The one where you are weak and not in control, or the one where you have the power to build a great life. You decide. - Christopher, April 3, 2019