Thursday, October 25, 2018

Recognizing our dark side, Learning to love the dark

I don't think that anyone is advocating we just accept the violent side of our nature and not manage it.

Instead, perhaps it would be helpful to accept that we all have dark thoughts. Understand that maybe the darkness isn't in the thought, but in the way we interpret it.

We can recognize our darkness every time we see something wrong in someone else. That is our unconscious rejecting our own dark side and projecting it onto someone else. If you feel offended and angry – often blaming and complaining about others – you have spiritual work to do.

You are free to reject your dark thoughts, but you can also attend to them, follow them, learn to dance in your darkness, run through it and splash around in it like a puddle. Give our darkness a hug, hold it and feel its warmth. Cry for it because the world doesn't know how to love it.

Monday, October 15, 2018

How can we be okay with not finding what we want in life?

Friday, October 5, 2018

Five essentials to becoming successful

People don't achieve their dream life by accident, by being smart, nor by working hard. Okay, some few people do because they fall into the right solution or are born into it. But anybody can become successful in America - and nowadays in most of the rest of the world. And you do need to be smart and work hard, not one or the other. Here are five essentials to achieving huge success in whatever you want. 
  1. Invest in yourself. Successful people never stop learning. They read every day and continue attending courses, seminars and workshops. Get OJT. Practice your skills until you're an expert (novice, competent, expert). Listen.
  2. Discover what it takes. Successful people interview a dozen-plus successful people in their area of interest to learn how they did it. Listen.
  3. Get a mentor (or two or three). Successful people get hands-on experience and real life learning under an successful mentor. Listen.
  4. Delayed gratification. Successful people sacrifice money, location and marriage early in life to get the hands-on experience and real life learning necessary to become successful. However, do what you love: Don’t sacrifice your heartfelt motivation ever, not for a minute. Do what it takes. Don't settle. 
  5. Build your team. Successful people cultivate a team of talented, like-minded people to work with them to achieve mutual success over a lifetime. Learn sales skills, and develop consensus among talented people by identifying their strengths and weaknesses, their motivation (what they love), and what they are interested in contributing to your mutual cause. Cut excess baggage. Insist on only the best on your team: These may be successful people you’ve come to trust or quality people who are motivated, innovative and trustworthy.